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Littles Nutrition is ready to help your child with all of your nutrition needs. Schedule your free 10-minute consultation and learn if we’re the right fit for your family.

How Can We Help?
Take a Look at Our Services:

* Nutrition Counseling
* Growth and Development
* Infant Feeding
* Picky Eating
* Medical Nutrition Therapy
* Food Allergies
* Feeding Difficulties
…….And More! (all things kids nutrition)

In-person appointments for local clients
Telehealth available for anyone

The Process


Book a Free Call

Schedule a free 10-minute, video or phone call with Littles Nutrition to discuss your child’s nutrition needs and determine if we are the right fit for your family. We are here to answer all of your questions.


Schedule Your Appointment

Littles Nutrition will help you book your appointment after your free call or you are welcome to self-book through our client portal. You can select a time that works best for you.


Complete Required Forms

Prior to your appointment, all forms including HIPAA compliance, insurance, policies/procedures and medical history forms should be completed. This ensures the best outcomes!


Appointment, Interventions and Follow-Ups

During your virtual visit, a complete assessment will be completed and individualized interventions will be provided based on your child’s needs.

Benefits of Nutrition Counseling with Littles Nutrition

Whether your child is struggling with growth, has newly diagnosed food allergies, is a picky eater, or is an infant with constipation, Littles Nutrition provides evidence-based solutions. Check out all the benefits of working with us!

You can choose between convenient virtual appointments or in-person (local clients only)
No more searching online for mixed-answers. Save time and get evidence-based solutions from the nutrition expert.
We can coordinate with your medical care team.
Individualized recommendations and interventions for your child. There is no “one size fits all” solution.
Client and family driven sessions. You can have as few or as many sessions as your child needs
Decrease your worry and stress about your child’s nutrition


We currently accept:
*Cash Pay (most major credit cards)
*HSA/FSA (client is responsible for verifying if nutrition services are eligible expenses)
*Superbills available (this is for out-of-network insurance reimbursement)

** Coming Soon** Most Major Insurances

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