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Hi! I’m Amber. I am a pediatric dietitian and childhood feeding expert located in Keene, NH. As a mom of 2 boys, I understand the struggles of feeding the family. I am here to provide evidence-based nutrition strategies to help with everything from starting solids, to picky eating, and everything in between. You can learn more about me on my “About” page.

Kids Nutrition Articles

Read here to get the answers to your kids nutrition questions- from the latest research (don’t worry, I read and translate it for you!), to picky eating, infant formula, and more….

Program Testimonials

Making some juice today and Luna was so excited to help! She tried pineapple for the first time and is now obsessed with it! Then at dinner she asked to have chicken on her plate… she even tried two bites!

~Amber M.- Parent

“My son only had about 10 foods that he would eat. The Picky Plate Program helped teach both him and myself how to look at food and mealtime differently. He has started to try new foods and even found a few favorites!”

~Sarah- Parent

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